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Featuring Installation, Drawings and Performance work by the Italian sculptor and performance artist Sissi.

In Sissi’s work, there is a deep fascination with the natural world in all its forms. This fascination begins with a sense of her body within and connected to nature and is extended from the body into the spaces of art by her innovative of use inorganic materials. Sissi knits, weaves and grafts objects one to the other to embody her sense of the interconnectedness of all aspects of the natural world. As Sissi commented recently: “To think about the natural brings me to a state of pure sensation. Just as nature reproduces its forms, we humans reproduce our inner selves and embody that spirit in the external world.”

For her upcoming installation, Nature, Sissi, with a sense of both humor and the ability to see beauty in the most unexpected places, has taken the humble nylon pot scourer, found in multi colors at local dime stores, and sewn them into ropes which she will weave together and hang from the ceiling like an elongated drip. She calls this part of the installation, “Lenghthening nature” for her concern is to create not a specific object but rather a sense of a process, a stretching out of form, a falling away as if the celling were melting and responding to the gravitational pull of the earth. Sissi’s performance at the opening of the exhibition will involve an interaction with this web of scourers.

Sissi has been compiling her signature diaries for 10 years. The diaries are not conventional records of daily experience but more documents of the evolution of her feelings, a seed bed of ideas where she works and evolves her pieces through drawing, notes, photographs, collage and experiments of texture. Each diary represents a year in her artistic journey, a record where she digests and improves the process of her creations.

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Kuratoren: Julia Draganovic, Manon Slome