press release

The MAK Center and Sundown Salon are organizing a multi-phased performance, exhibition, and benefit that will consider design, architecture and the body. SHOWDOWN! will use the provocative architecture of the Schindler House to produce creative thinking about design and the body today. Participants include architects, artists, fashion designers and musicians; among them are Ravi GuneWardena and Frank Escher (Escher GuneWardena Architects), artist Liz Larner and designers/performers Feral Child.

In the first phase, September 15 through October 17, three participant teams will use the Schindler House as a location for production. Los Angeles rock band My Barbarian and New York design /performance duo Feral Childe will occupy opposite sides of the house. Architect and designer Elena Manferdini will also use a studio for the production of "engineered dresses." Visitors to the Schindler House will have the rare opportunity to experience the house not only as museum, but as a working studio, filled with artists whose processes can be observed.

The second phase will feature runway shows and performance events. On the evenings of Friday, October 22 and Saturday, October 23, the roof of the Schindler House will be transformed into a stage for a spectacular fashion show. New works by participants will be presented on a roof-top runway designed by the Los Angeles office of internationally-acclaimed architects COOP HIMMELB(L)AU. On Saturday, October 30, the symmetry of the Schindler House will come into full play, as My Barbarian becomes the "ringleader" of one side of the structure and Feral Childe commands the other. Each will orchestrate a series of performances that will begin during the day and continue into the evening.

From November 3 to December 5, works created for "SHOWDOWN!" will be on exhibition at the Schindler House. A publication will be produced on the occasion of the roof-top performance and will be available throughout the duration of the exhibition. Selected works created for "SHOWDOWN!" ‹ including T-shirts by each participating artist ‹ will be available in a silent auction, which will also be available on-line. Proceeds will support the MAK Center at the Schindler House.

SHOWDOWN! at the Schindler House

Künstler: Andrew Andrew, Bon & Ging, Ingrid Bromberg & Blain Kennedy, Dioscuri , Escher Gunewardena, Feral Childe, Fritz Haeg, Fugue Andrea Lenardin Madden, Raegan Kelly, Gizmo , LA Eyeworks , Liz Larner, Caudia Rosa Lukas, Michael Mahalchik, Elena Manferdini, Tina Marrin, Giles Miller, My Barbarian , Renee Petropoulos, Jessica Rath / Millie Wilson, Jasmin Shokrian, Ujein , We are lucid dreaming , Wooden Mustache , Amy Yao