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Next saturday, 19th June at 8 p.m., the NMAC Foundation presents the sculpture by Chinese artist Shen Yuan and a performances program directed by Marina Abramovic.

Chinese artist Shen Yuan will show the last site-specific project that has been included to the sculpture park. This project is a metaphore of the obstacles that different cultures have to overcome in order to influence each other. Sometimes, languages, traditions and habits become serious impediments for cohabitation. At the same time, the NMAC Foundation will provide a platform for the enactment of a series of performances by young international emerging artists from non-profit organization IPG (Independent Performance Group), founded by artist Marina Abramovic' at the beginning of 2004.

All performances will take place in an unique event on Saturday 19th June in the sculptures park at the NMAC Foundation. Before these performances, Abramovic' requires that the artists undergo a process of total purification, involving fasting, refraining from speech and carrying out various mental and physical exercises during 5 days, in a workshop entitled Cleaning the House . going through a complete cleansing process focusing on all areas from clothes, to food, to words, to sex.

These performers have participated in many of Marina Abramovic's classes and workshops, and have collaborated with her for many international performance events, such as the most recent Venice Biennial.

Once the workshop is finished the artists will work on a performances program that will take place on Saturday 19th June at 8 pm in the sculptures park at the NMAC Foundation. This project is organised in collaboration with PS1/MoMA Contemporary Art Center of New York where the artists will travel a few days later to carry out the performances.

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Shen Yuan. Bridge


PERFORMANCE: Cleaning the House. kuratiert von Marina Abramovic
19.6.04 8 p.m

mit KünstlerInnen der IPG Independent Performance Group: Clara Abascal, Beatriz Albuquerque, Matteo Angius, Anna Berndtson, Franco Boss, Alessia Bulgari, Laurel Jay Carpenter, Ivan Civic, Amanda Coogan, Yingmei Duan, Nezaket Ekici, Snezana Golubovic, Ignacio Hernando, Eun-Hye Hwang, Franz Gerald Krumpl, Lotte Lindner & Till Steinbrenner, Colin McCullan, Monali Meher, Daniel Müller-Friedrichsen, Juri Persits, Jesus Ramos, Marica Rizzato, Declan Rooney, Constanze Schmidt, Iris Selke, Anton Solovejtchik, Dorte Strehlow, Melati Suryodarmo, Doreen Uhlig, Heejung Um, James Westcott, Mirko Winkel, Herma Auguste Wittstock, Viola Yesiltac