press release

Mary Mary is proud to present a solo show by Sara Barker. Barker will present a new body of largely wall based sculptural works for the exhibition which through numerous processes, adaptation and filtering of familiar or literary sources, presents a vast language of forms and symbolic reference.

Within the work there is a continual reworking of material, which act as and become performative actions. Whilst works are broken down or disrupted to their most base forms or functions, there is a desire to reveal the maker and their activities. An approach, which attempts to both uncover and conceal the ‘truth’ within the works.

This aspect of truth and indeed untruths, is drawn from an interest in character and disguise, of self deception and weakness, particularly taken from literary and fictional sources. The materials themselves are filtered through this interest, in the testing of their ‘true’ uses, and weakness in the surface’s failure to perform under unnatural physical requests. This is celebrated in the work, and becomes a symbol of human gesture and form which punctuates Barker’s practice.

This investigation of a particular disposition and character enters the work in the form of an absent human presence, relating to the body and gesture. A setting for this is employed which develops to become a self reflective space. These environments are observed from a secondary viewpoint, fictional and poetic sources, and as a result the perspective is distanced and moves towards a concept which is ordered by language and experience.

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Sara Barker