press release

In October 1997 independent music label Lo Recordings received a tape containing 30 different one-minute guitar pieces by guitarist Thurston Moore of New York arthouse band Sonic Youth.

Lo Recordings teamed up with Commercial Too, an independent art organisation, and sent out the 30 pieces of music to a wide cross-section of artists and musicians. Each were invited to create a new work utilising the original piece as a starting point.

The response was overwhelming: the original intention to show the works at Chisenhale Gallery was expanded to include a music CD, CD-ROM and catalogue (available from Chisenhale Gallery).

Artists in ROOT include:

Add N to X, Stefan Beck, Blur, David Bowie, Angela Bulloch, Cheap Glue, Rod Dickinson, Russell Haswell, Tim Head, Mogwai, Yoko Ono, Savage Pencil, Scanner, Fergal Stapleton, Stereolab, Dave Stewart, Luke Vibert and Mark Webber.

ROOT is produced in collaboration with Commercial Too, Lo Recordings and Chisenhale Gallery, and is part of the 1998 Pandaemonium Moving Images Festival.


Künstler: Add N to X , Stefan Beck, Blur , David Bowie, Angela Bulloch, Cheap Glue , Rod Dickinson, Russell Haswell, Tim Head, Mogwai , Yoko Ono, Savage Pencil , Scanner , Fergal Stapleton, Stereolab , Dave Stewart, Luke Vibert, Mark Webber