press release

November 25, 2021–June 26, 2022

Rita Evans: Gropius House. Fictional

The new exhibition of the Bauhaus Residency will be shown until June 26, 2022 in the director’s house of the Masters‘ Houses in Dessau under the title Gropius House || Fictional. Over the past weeks and months, the artist Rita Evans has intensively studied the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Masters’ Houses, the city of Dessau and its inhabitants. For the annual theme “Infrastructure”, she created the sound sculpture Instrument, which is a tool for navigating in fictional, collective spaces. The sensitive sound sculpture is a means to explore in a sensible manner a complex infrastructure that includes touch and affect. The work visualizes collective actions and makes them tangible. A documentation shows the workshop that took place and on which the work is based. Visitors hear how the object sounds. The drawings, plans, room scores and objects shine a light on process components that emerged from encounters with the sound sculpture.

In addition, the work of resident artists Alexis Lowry (Curator, Dia Art Foundation) with the work of Charlotte Posenenske and Hannes Bajohr will be on display until April 10, 2022.

Rita Evans lives and works in the UK. For the artist with British-Canadian roots, space is a stage for which she develops objects made of ceramics, textiles, water, wood and metal that move at the intersection of sculpture, display and instrument. The musical performance thrives on communication between the audience and the performers, who play the same instrument together.

Alexis Lowry is a curator at the Dia Art Foundation, New York, where she is responsible for exhibitions, presentations of collections and public programmes related to the museum’s slide inventories of minimal, post-minimal and conceptual art at its various locations. She recently organized the first North American retrospective of the work of Charlotte Posenenske for the Dia Beacon in Beacon, New York.

Hannes Bajohr is a writer, philosopher, and literary scholar. He writes conceptual digital literature, both on his own and also in collaboration with Gregor Weichbrodt in the text collective 0x0a. He is currently a research fellow at the Department of Philosophy and Media at the University of Basel, where he does research on the history of text generation.

Gropius House || Fictional
Artworks and artistic processes create specific, new accesses to the world and are fictional in this sense: the term is derived from the Latin verb “fingere” and means nothing else than “forming, shaping, conceiving”. Fiction thus does not entail first and foremost the creation of a separate world, but can likewise denote shaping the existing world, the real. Fiction is thus also a way to gain distance, to interrogate realities, to see them anew.

Curator: Florian Strob
Project management: Valentina Buitrago Garcia