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Taking into account our changing view on Europe in geographical, political, social and cultural terms, the Re:Location 1-7 & Shake project was conceived as a work in progress with the aim to experiment novel ways of working together among partners operating in very different cultural circumstances. During the last three years the challenge was to bring art centres from eight different European countries: Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Switzerland working together on a joint artistic project, not by imposing any single standpoint, but rather enriching these different artistic circumstances by confronting them with each other specific situations.

The final outcome of this international collaboration is documented in the two volumes catalogue and a DVD that will be introduced and presented to you by the curators and organisers involved.

Along a period of three years, Re:Location 1-7 / Shake has shown the work of more than 110 artists from 24 countries, held 21 exhibitions in 8 art centres in 8 countries in Europe and beyond, worked with 10 curators, published 3 newsletters and 2 catalogues with texts written by 23 authors, some translated into 6 languages by a team of 17 translators, built 1 website, produced 1 televised evening broadcast on 2 TV channels involving 6 filmmakers, 4 presenters, 8 cameramen and 6 light and sound technicians.

The first phase of the project- Re:Location 1-7, took place between 2002-2003 and consisted of bilateral exchanges finalised with an exhibition that allowed each of the institutional partners to experience the artistic and cultural context of the others.

The second phase of the project entitled Shake consisted of a series of exhibitions and other type of events organized in 2004 on the spot of each participating institution. Notions of limits or limitations, identity and identification, of territory and imaginary geographies, but also site-specific realities were constantly reoccurring concerns setting up a conceptual framework for most of the projects.

Shake Night joined seven venues together in a television programme; broadcast live on two public and private channels in different countries involved in the project. RTL Télé Luxembourg, and TV Romania Cultural broadcasted the whole night, coordinated by the European production company Tarantula. The event was a unique opportunity to record the links that were forged between the seven art centres as much through the exhibitions organised as through the artists invited.


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Re:Location 1-7 / Shake

KuratorInnen: Adam Budak, Zoran Eric, Laurence Gateau, Viera Janceková, Enrico Lunghi, Heike Munder, Genoveva Rückert, Maria Rus Bojan, Bettina Steinbrügge, Martin Sturm