press release

In its third incarnation, Exit Art has moved to a spectacular new space located on the ground floor and lower level of 475 Tenth Avenue at the corner of 36th Street in Hell’s Kitchen. With this move we are reconstructing both the physical space and artistic mission of Exit Art.

Prior to the renovation of its space, Exit Art will present the first exhibition in its new Biennial series, The Reconstruction. The Reconstruction has a dual purpose: it will focus on site-specific installation art and it will help us in the spiritual and artistic transformation of the new space. In the spirit of Exit Art, we asked young and emerging artists to be involved in the process. Through an open call, artists were invited to create new site-specific work as visual metaphors for Exit Art’s reconstruction/renovation as it relates to the existing architecture and the neighborhood. We received over 400 proposals of which we selected 33 projects.

The eight-week show begins the night of the opening on March 8. The artists will be present to discuss their installation concepts and will begin their work the following day. In this way, we begin the exhibition process with the artists as protagonists.

Through the proposals we received we found that artists were thinking about reconstruction in several different ways: materials and intentions dealing with construction; ideas of rebirth, regeneration, renewal, recycling; projects about our neighborhood, Hell’s Kitchen, and our building’s architecture through installations and performance; transformation of our physical bodies and the reconstruction of global cities.

The entire process of artists installing their projects will be exposed and accessible to the public in the gallery seven days a week and also viewable on Exit Art’s web site 24 hours a day. Over the course of the exhibition, viewers can visit and participate in the evolution of the artist’s pieces.

Be part of our future, help us fund the renovation.

During Exit Biennial: The Reconstruction, Exit Art requests a special suggested contribution of $10 to assist with our fund raising to renovate this dramatic raw space. Our goal is to raise $50,000 with this effort. Donors will be commemorated in the new galleries as founding funders of the new Exit Art, and will receive a pass to come and see The Reconstruction during its eight week evolution. At this moment in Exit Art’s twenty year history, we must call upon the generosity of all those who support new ideas and the work of young artists to help us achieve our future vision.

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Exit Biennial
Kuratoren: Papo Colo, Jeanette Ingberman
Projektdirektoren: Jodi Hanel, Bibi Marti

mit Rob Andrews, Larry Bamburg, Robert Chambers, Derek Cote, Daniella Dooling, Christoph Draeger, Tamara Gayer, Orly Genger, Mariam Ghani, Frantiska & Tim Gilman, Kate Gilmore, Monika Goetz, Lisa Hein & Bob Seng, Drew Heitzler, Lynn Koble, Sean Langlais, Joshua R. Marks, J. Gabriel Lloyd & John J. McGurk, Ted McGurn, Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, Jenny Polak, Sunsook Roh, Michelle Rosenberg, Anne Rowland, Johnny the Whip Savannah, Ward Shelley, Jesse Bercowetz & Matt Bua, Peter Simensky, Mark Shoffner & Rebecca Herman, TAG: Laura Lee, Ales Gabrovec, Defne Ayas, Betsy Seder & David Gabrovec, Christian Tomaszewski, Alessandra Lee Michelle Torres, Jade Townsend, Markus Wetzel, Union Gaucha Productions , Karin Schneider & Nicolas Guagnini, Colin Zaug

PERFORMANCES: Rob Andrews, J. Gabriel Lloyd / John J. McGurk, Wanda Raimundi-Ortiz, Sunsook Roh, Alessandra Lee Michelle Torres