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Part I: The Scene

The Lazy Dog found himself quite dejected with love.

Leaning over the Quick Brown Fox he cried out and told him how miserable and stupid he felt.

His Tears are bursting and the fox's hat is falling down. He wanted to do nothing but leave but then again decided to confess:

"You know Fox, you said you were no platonist. I beg of you to be so kind! You said you were above the finesse of your sex!

I adore you!" But the Fox just refused: "No way, my dear Dog. You speak in riddles and you don't really care!"

Part II: The Software

"Im an in pain but I don't want to die!", says the Lazy Dog to the Quick Brown Fox. "I want to live and enjoy life!"

"Sure you do!" agrees the Fox.

"Death... The end of myself... No more me... it's incomprehensible..." goes the Dog.

"Work on it!"

"I guess what it comes down to, is that I can't bear to let go of my self, huh?"

Part III: Sensitivity

What a mob in the park today. High school punks. Strictly pseudo hippies! It's always like this in the park on weekends. Disgusting! Ghod! The place is crawling with phonies! They all think they are so sensitive! It's an insult to my genuinely sensitive soul! You are about as genuinely sensitive as a power shovel! I'm more sensitive than you will ever know! I'm the most sensitive! I got more sensitivity than all of you guys! Listen! Listen! Every pore of my being is dripping with pain and agony! My acute sensitivity is second to none! No! No! Me! Me!

I said it before: As our own beauty is vanishing the fact stays that the starry sky is the carpet pattern of the multiplex cinema.

Tobias Madison & Kaspar Müller, 9th of January 2010

only in german

Quick Brown Fox & Lazy Dog

Künstler: Vittorio Brodmann, Thomas Julier & Emanuel Rossetti, Tobias Madison & Julian Zuber, Kaspar Müller, Mathias Renner, Pamela Rosenkranz, Hannah Weinberger