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From May 26th to June 30th, Galerie Chez Valentin presents an exhibition by Nicolas Moulin entitled “LAC DATCH”. This marks the first exhibition since the “Vider Paris” exhibition in 2001 at the gallery by the artist.

Nicolas Moulin presents a five minutes digital video "NACHDATCH", and a small scale model replica of the DATCHOTEL RYUGYONG hotel of Pyongyang, North Korea. Nicolas Moulin distinguishes this retort of a sculpture as a "mini Perky Pat", in direct reference to the work The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Phillip K Dick. The hotel Ryugyong is a towering three hundred and thirty meters pyramid conceived by the "Baikoosan Architectral Engineers" from the Office of Architects in North Korea during the cold war in order to compete with the construction of the "The Stamford" Swissôtel in Singapore. It seems evident that the monumentality of the hotel serves to edify the father and son leaders Kim It Sung and Kim Jong-il by being the tallest hotel to the world. However, the construction was arr in 1992, almost fifteen years ago. Of this ambitious project, it remains only a structure in armed concrete without window or internal installation.

But Nicolas Moulin deviates from the literal history and reconstruct the RYUGYONG in another realm of reality. This hotel is resituated by what Moulin named LAC DATCH, an unidentified lake located at an unidentified place. This other reality would be a subjective reality, mirroring the alternate worlds in another one of Phillip K Dick ‘s work The Man in the High Castle.

Nicolas Moulin invents an alternate reality to the historic reality while imagining other intention for the Ryugyong hotel. We are then brought to question on the statutes of these realities. Are they equivalent? Is one truer than the other? In this work, Nicolas Moulin reminds us the relativity of the alternate are both objective and subjective. In this famous quotation from Phillip K Dick "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away", one could reply to him that the reality of the belief, the subjective reality is not less real than the other reality, even if it is the proper. And isn’t this reality just another point of view?

Concurrent to the exhibition at the gallery, from May 11th to August 26th, Nicolas Moulin also presents his new work “Sternstelr” in the exhibition “The Temptation of Space” at the Espace Louic Vuitton alongside Pierre Huyghe, Russell Crotty, Jan & Louise Wilson, Jean Lapinière and others.

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Nicolas Moulin
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