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The German Embassy in London is proud to host ‘Neue Deutsche Kunst / New German Art’, a group exhibition curated by Kristina Buch and Carsten Recksik. Bringing together a selection of their nation-wide network, the two London-based artists/curators present a range of some of the most exciting emerging German artists in the fields of painting and sculpture, and in concept, media and performance art. This exhibition will showcase interpretations of how to think German within a visual context. Showing works of 16 graduates from prestigious art schools the list of artists makes no claim to be complete but to be vital and unmissable.

As part of this exhibition a panel discussion with critics, curators, dealers and artists from both Germany and the UK will address questions like: Are there differences in themes and techniques of young artists in different countries? Do the local arts scenes, the influence of academies and cultural institutions have an impact on changes in artistic tactics and visual language? Does a visual German language exist in the arts at all? If it does, how does it differ in comparison to other nations?

Andreas Blank Kristina Buch Johannes Buss Sybilla Dumke Sarah-Jane Hoffmann Anna K.E. Maren Maurer Florian Meisenberg Heide Nord Jörg Obergfell Carsten Recksik Pablo Wendel Peter Wendl Anna Witt Tim Wolff Johanna Zey

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new german art
An exhibition project presented as part of the "Think German" campaign
Kuratoren: Kristina Buch, Carsten Recksik

Künstler: Andreas Blank, Kristina Buch, Johannes Buss, Sybilla Dumke, Sarah-Jane Hoffmann, Anna K.E. , Maren Maurer, Florian Meisenberg, Heide Nord, Jörg Obergfell, Carsten Recksik, Pablo Wendel, Peter Wendl, Anna Witt, Tim Wolff, Johanna Zey