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Opening reception: Wednesday, December 10, 6-8 pm

The debate on artistic research emerging worldwide in the field of visual art for some five years now tends to focus on what artistic research could be or should be. The exhibition Nameless Science aims to expand this debate by showing the outcome of artistic research in seven examples of best practices from artistic PhD projects. A striking methodology in the practice of artistic research appears to be the formulation of a certain problem from a specific situation-based artistic process and interconnecting that problem with various knowledge systems and disciplines. At the same time, all PhD projects deal with an artistic reinterpretation of both representation models and academic classification systems. Consequently, the projects do not only produce fluent forms of interconnectivity and methodology accompanied by different forms of knowledge production, they also lead to novel artistic strategies and intensities of perception. Do artistic research projects demand an idiosyncratic form of presentation? Using an inventive form of display, the curator will investigate this question and exchange thoughts and ideas with the participating artists through a presentation system balancing between an exhibition and an info-lab. With projects by Ricardo Basbaum (Brazil), Jan Kaila (Finland), Irene Kopelman (The Netherlands), Matts Leiderstam (Sweden), Ronan McCrea (Ireland), Sarah Pierce (UK/USA), and Morten Torgersrud (Norway)

This exhibition is supported in part by Bergen Academy of Art, FRAME Finnish Fund for Art Exchange and the Research Institute Art and Design, University of Ulster, UK.

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Nameless Science
Kurator: Henk Slager

Künstler: Ricardo Basbaum, Jan Kaila, Irene Kopelman, Matts Leiderstam, Ronan McCrea, Sarah Pierce, Morten Torgersrud