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A large exhibition titled "Modern Odysseys - Greek-American Artists of the 20th Century" was held by the State Museum of Contemporary Art between September 3rd and November 30th. The exhibition consisted of paintings, sculptures, installations, video, constructions and photography by 35 Greek-American artists of the 20th century that represent a variety of modern trends.

The exhibition is the largest ever held of distinguished artists of Greek heritage from the United States.

It was organized with the collaboration of the State Museum of Contemporary Art, the Queens Museum of Art in New York, the American Embassy in Greece, the American General Consulate, the Council of Greek Immigrants, the Ioannis F. Costopoulos Foundation, the Thessaloniki Festival and the Greek-American Trade Bureau.

The exhibition was held in the framework of the activities of the 65th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair where the United States were the "Honored Country" of the fair.

The exhibition included pieces by: Stylianos Antonakos, Kostas Vavagiakis, Polignostos Vagis, John Vasos, Peter Voulkos, Steve Giannakos, Christos Giannakos, Morphe Gika, Mary Grigoriadi, Nasos Dafnis, Electrus, Aristodemos Kaldis, Zoe Keramea, Carol Ann Klonaridi and Michael Owen, George Constant, Mihalis Lekakis, Constantinos Manos, Jenny Marketou, Vasilis Marros, Jim Morfesis, William Baziotis, Linda Benglis, Eleni Milona, George Necroponte, Jean Ksehron, Loukas Samaras, Theodora Skipitari, Andrea Spirou, Theodoros Stamos, Athena Taha, Fillipos Tsiaras, Markos Hatzipateras, Dimitris Hatzis, Teo Hios, Chrysa.

Out of the 110 pieces exhibited, 90 were from well-known American museums and collections while 20 were borrowed from Greek museums, collections and institutions.

The exhibition was scientifically attended by Peter Selz, Bill Valerio (Queens Museum of Art), Miltiades Papanikolaou (State Museum of Contemporary Art) and Katerina Koskina (Ioannis F. Kostopoulos Foundation), while Louise Weinberg was responsible for its co-ordination.

Modern Odysseys - Greek-American Artists of the 20th Century

Künstler: Stylianos Antonakos, William Baziotes, Lynda Benglis, Chryssa , Steve Gianakos, Teo Hios, Zoe Keramea, Constantine Manos, Jenny Marketou, Jean-Marie del Moral, Eleni Mylona, George Negroponte, Michael Owen, Lucas Samaras, Philip Tsiaras, Costa Vavagiakis, Peter Voulkos ...