press release

Opening Thursday, 23 June 2016, 6 – 9 pm

Berlin – Aurel Scheibler is pleased to present new works by Berlin-based artist Michael Wutz in the exhibition Ossa Loquuntur. The exposition shows another chapter from his work series based on the story about the hobby archaeologist S. – a fictive figure invented by the artist. The first part of the series was shown in 2015 at the exhibition Anatomy of a Landscape in the art space Satellite and was accompanied by a publication. The story has gradually taken on a form of Gesamtkunstwerk, comprised of installation, printed graphic, painting, and text.

Wutz’ work is largely shaped by his interest in geology, archaeology, and anthropology. The recent series is also influenced by his critical view on historiography, which is not immune to false interpretations or deliberate falsifications. Michael Wutz combines free, abstract, even fantastic imagery with precise visual codes of science. His texts also imitate the scientific style, which is transformed by Wutz into compelling prose. The fictional and quasi-factual elements mingle and soon cannot be distinguished from each other. Eventually, one has to believe what they see and perceive.