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Wannaville was created by Megan Sullivan in Berlin over the course of one year, from September 1998 to September 1999. The project was produced by taking 5-7 rolls of film per week recording daily activities throughout the city, processing the film at a drugstore, organizing the images into a series of sequences, and color-copying each sequence to create a booklet. This process resulted in a set of 102 booklets featuring a total of over 1500 images. Not conceived as a documentary, the series instead explored the architectural presence of photographic representation, using the changing German capital as a protagonist for a narrative of moving spaces. The project touches upon pressing issues in photography, German culture and aesthetics, and the relationship of the viewer to the represented space of Berlin – a city in the space of printed matter. Original books were displayed on the gallery walls, accompanied by a special edition of 32 display books for the public to handle.

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Megan Sullivan