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´Tension, weakness, balance, density, construction and destruction are some of the key words in my visual vocabulary. With my work I evoke our daily routines and youth energy. I often question violence and socially conformed stability. I explore the weight and lightness of being through our bodily obsessions and anxieties. Looking at my work is like arriving at the scene of an accident – at closer inspection my drawings could reveal a boy who has grazed his knee because he plunged into an empty pool.' Mauro Cerqueira

For his solo exhibition Looking at the City at Perth's Threshold artspace – his first show in a public institution in the UK – Cerqueira presents four new works fascinated and inspired by architecture and urban space. Ranging from single to multi-channel video and audio installations such as The Foreigners (2008) and Looking at the City (2010), these works draw parallels between moving image practice and the inherent qualities of the city, such as speed and motion, as well as the increasing effects of surveillance and tourism manifested in urban fabrics. The artist's gaze hovers over the city as if precariously suspended in mid air. The ancient city (be it Porto or Perth) becomes the stage for accidental actions observed, overheard and recorded as artist's creative documentaries. Considering globally expanding urban developments and the porous relationship between architecture and moving images, this exhibition represents important contribution to the converging fields of urban studies and visual art practice. All new commissions and acquisitions are showing at the different 'project rooms' of the artspace including the Welcome, Wave and Stage areas, as well as the artspace dedicated YouTube Channel.

ABOUT: Mauro Cerqueira

Born in Guimarães in 1982. Lives and works in Porto. Graduated with a Post-Graduate Degree in Fine Art | Drawing and a BA in Painting at Escola Superior Artística do Porto, Guimarães. His latest solo shows include: 'Engoliu a espinha e foi operado para o poderem enforcar no dia seguinte (Swallowed the spine and had surgery before being able to hang the next day)', ARCO Art Fair's Solo Projects, Madrid, 2010; 'Jim', Galeria Graca Brandão, Lisbon, 2010; 'Como passos num chão oco e escavado por baixo (As steps in a hollow floor and dug beneath)', Empty Cube, Galeria do Instituto Politécnico de Tomar, 2009; 'Sua boca, aberta para gritar, estava cheia de terra (His mouth opened to scream, was full of earth)', Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon, 2009; 'Falling from Grace', The Mews, London, 2009; 'Licão nº2 (Lesson 2)', Espaco Campanhã, Porto, 2009; 'I Se morrer morri (If you die died)', Galeria Reflexus, Porto, 2008. Since January 2008, he has been managing together with André Sousa the artist-run space, known as 'Uma Certa Falta de Coeréncia (A Certain Lack of Coherence)'. He is represented by Galeria Reflexus in Oporto and by Galeria Graca Brandão in Lisbon. His exhibition Looking at the City at Threshold artspace, Perth, 2010 is his first solo presentation in a public institution in the UK.

Mauro Cerqueira
Looking at the City