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Leiderstam’s artistic research based practice proceeds from two different traditions about how to approach an historical painting, namely the artist’s and the scholar’s. The first routine is that of the artist who remakes the picture in a desire to learn about its coming into being; the other is that of the art historian who reveals the subject by analysing and gathering information about it and its context. For Leiderstam, for example landscape, historical painting and the museum are redolent with meaning and pose important questions about ways of seeing, history and memory. Through his works Leiderstam aim to point out that what we see and who we are, on a cultural level, is a construction based on agreements between us, that the context isn’t given, and has to be negotiated between us constantly. Leiderstam want to involve the viewer in such a negotiation by offering an alternative way of seeing, for example using photography, painting, and installation as his medium. In his practice an historical painting or a landscape could be referred to, say, as a site for gay-cruising fantasies as well as a reference point for social, political and cultural conditions within our society.

For the exhibition at Salon of MoCAB Leiderstam has conceptualized new work titled Museum (Inside/Outside) which thematizes "hidden activities" in the park surrounding the Museum ofContemporary Art.

"In the mid-1980s the landscape painter Milos Gvozdenovic (1926–2006) made a series of sketches for his paintings with views of the Museum of Contemporary Art, mostly glimpsed through the park surrounding it. The animated film is based on eleven drawings donated to the Museum by Gvozdenovic’s widow.

The Museum overlooks the park and the river. From inside we can observe the local wildlife, visitors coming to the Museum and people strolling with their pets. Museum employees all have ‘park stories’ to tell, based on what they have seen through the windows."

quotation from the work of Matts Leiderstam Museum (Inside/Outside)

Matts Leiderstam is born in 1956 in Gothenburg, Sweden. He lives and works in Stockholm.

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Matts Leiderstam
Museum (Inside/Outside)

Kurator: Zoran Eric