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VACIO 9 - galeria de arte
28004 Madrid

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“The source of their power is clear enough: the guns and the clubs of the Highway Patrol, the banks and corporations of the Regents. But what is the source of our power? The source of our strength is, very simply, the fact that we are human beings and so cannot forever be treated as raw materials--to be processed.”

--Anonymous statement from the Free Speech Movement Newsletter

This is a proposed exit strategy…

Where war, sex, civil rights, and homosexuality meet. Where getting a blow job wins over getting your leg blown off. If you need to kill and violate just do it with your partner. The grey area where violence exists in sex is out of reach of morals and ethics and should be exploited. Forget about the enemy, they are busy getting busy too. This is a new place of nationality where the pledge of allegiance is to one another, patriotism of people not of a flag. It’s about bodies and how bodies should be more important than money and policy. This is a philosophy of a morally infected national conscious. This is not the proposition of the attacked but the attackers. Boredom with incompetency and a feeling of uselessness comes before such a useless and reckless idea. We don't know how we are going to get out of this war, and we sure aren't going to solve the Middle East crisis so why not suggest this: Every soldier will turn gay, and these obedient men will be open to an alternative reality and they will gain more control over the policies.

Is being a soldier to be manipulated? To an extent, so why not teach them to love each other? And how will we defend ourselves? Know humanity. By practicing sodomy? Yes, if it saves lives and evolves us into a society free of war. But no society has ever been free of war! And people can't be turned gay! Exactly! We want the war to stop, right? So lets heighten our interest in the body. Why? Because it’s a man on man continuation of politics by other means, meaning let’s learn to love. Okay and get killed? No, get out. When someone attacks us we won’t be saying this.

Matthew Ronay February 2006


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Matthew Ronay
Oh My God What Are We Gonna Do?!