press release

The Michael Janssen Gallery Berlin is proud to present the first solo exhibition by Martin Fletcher – Systems House in Germany.

Fletcher, who appears either under the name Martin Fletcher, the pseudonym Systems House or a combination of the two, will be displaying filigree sculptures made of steel, brass and plexiglass in the exhibition. The delicate constructions, which recall old-fashioned radio antennae and receptor systems, refer to the language of form of modernistic architecture and allude to the primary structures of minimal art objects. Like the name Systems House, which is more evocative of a software company than of a private individual, the cool, technical sculptures deny any level of rapprochement. Yet, despite their geometric austerity, the works develop a brittle charm thanks to the almost haphazard colour rhythm created by the synthetic panels and the tower-like structures’ teetering quest. And precisely this unsteadiness grants the observer a glimpse of their creator.

Martin Fletcher (born 1976), who earned a Master’s degree with distinction from Goldsmiths College London at the end of 2006, lives and works in London. His works were displayed in the group exhibition "Distinction“ with Shaan Syed at the Michael Janssen Gallery in Cologne in spring 2007.

Martin Fletcher Systems House