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Mária Balážová : New Significance

The place of the exhibition:: Reprezentačné sály NG, Nitrianska galéria, Župné nám. 3, 949 01 Nitra

The opening of the exhibition: 27. 6. 2007 at 5pm The duration of the exhibition: 28. 6. - 2. 9. 2007

The curator: Vladimír Beskid

The exhibition „New Significance“ represents Mária Balážová as an author of middle age (born 1956) who belongs to the striking representatives of post-geometrical abstraction. It is the presentation of her crucial and richly structural cycle of „snake geometry“. Here she creates new pictural order with the bearing multimeaningful sign of the body of snake and the rhombic head of cobra. At the current exhibition the snake geometry is presented in three lines:

The first line we can call „semantic“. This is the main stream of author´s thinking. It is about the overlay of different planes and meanings of her individual signs with universal signs of cultural memory – Indian, Christian, Islamic and Anthic culture, Judaism, latent gender marking, the text motives and so on.

The second plane we can call „conceptual-costructive“ line. It is rationally chosen construction of growing, the system of gradation or interlace of the motives of snake (e.g. snake geometry 66 – one, snake geometry 67 – two or snake geometry 53 – H).

The third line we can call „line of chaos“. Aforementioned order and symetry is broken into chaos, tangle and deconstruction. This line is about the searching of new ways and statements in this aspect.

The latest acrylic compositions of Mária Balážová are inspired by art of Far East (China, Japan).

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Maria Balazova - New Significance
Kurator: Vladimir Beskid