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Marc Camille Chaimowicz | One to One...
29 September 2017 to 7 January 2018
Opening | Thursday , 28 September 2017, 7 p.m.

Since the 1970s, Marc Camille Chaimowicz has explored the space between decoration, life, and art in his work. H e develops interiors and spatial arrangements as well as various furnishings and decorative objects , paintings, vases, curtains, furnitur e, and wallpaper . In his art, Chaimowicz blurs the boundaries between private and public space . His formal language — in painting, i nteriors , and arrangements — i s based on the painting of the I ntimists in the late nineteenth century, including artists such as Pierre Bonnard and Édouard Vuillard . At the same time, it shows a fondness for modern ist design, as exemplified by Dieter Rahms or Charles and Ray Eames . He has created the new installation One to One ... (2017) for the Kestner Gesellschaft, a full - scale reproduction of his new apartment in Vauxhall, London . As such, the exhibition One to One ... will become a surrogate and stage for the design of this real - life living space .

Chaimowicz ’ s apartment is alluded to in this large - scale installation with sage - green floorboards and patterned curtains . The walls are painted in a dusty plaster pink and recall a stage set due to their provisionary construction . In this space f urniture appear like sculptures , a work on carton as a carpet, wall papered Campari bottles demark parts of the kitchen . The living room extends o ver the partially open boundaries of the floorboards into the exhibition space at the Kestner Gesellschaft , where additional drawings and plans for his works are displayed . In collaboration with Lise Queinnec, a series of photographs of Chaimowicz’s apartment in Vauxhall was created for the exhibition. On a cork wall, the construction of the London apartment and the exhibition at the Kestner Gesellschaft is documented. Marc Camille Chaimowicz is presenting the work The Props and Wardrobe Room (2011/2017) in the second exhibition space on the upper floor, which references Jean Genet’s play The Maids (1947) , as well as a series of stage curtains that he designed, Rideaux de Scène, Théât re Jean - Vilar , Bourgoin - Jallieu (1991 – 1992) . The Props and Wardrobe Room , a freestanding room with two small windows, offers visitors insight s into the material construction of the characters in the play . The piece is a chamber drama about power relations and human aby sses in which fiction and reality, role and identity are blurred . The central themes of the play, such as playing with role s and identity, or the transition between the stage and an intima te space, are reflected in Chaimowicz ’s oeuvre .

Marc Camille Chaimowicz was born in Paris after the Second World War and lives and works in London and Burgundy . Chaimowicz has had solo exhibitions at Flat Time House, London (2016); Indipendenza, Rome (2016); MD72, Berlin (2011); Nottingham Contemporary (2011); Inverleith House, Edinburgh (2011); Secession, Vienna (2009); Artists Space, New York (2009); a nd De Appel, Amsterdam (2008) , among others . He has participated in numerous group exhibitions at venues including the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco (2014); Manifesta 10, Hermitage, St. Petersburg (2014); the Musée d ’ Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, (2014); Tate Modern, London (2012); the Sculptu reCent e r , New York (2011); Hayward Gallery, London (2010); the Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden- Baden (2009) ; a nd the 5th Berlin Biennale (2008).

The exhibition is supported by the Stiftung Niedersachsen and the friends of the Kestner Gesellschaft.


Marc Camil le Chaimowicz and the Artist’s H ouse Lecture by Kirsty Bell and presentation of the exhibition catalog Wednesday, 29 November 2017, 7 p.m.

The British art historian and author Kirsty Bell will speak about Mark Camille Chaimowicz ’ s work. In her book The Artist's House: From Workplace to Artwork (Sternberg Press , 2013), Bell examines the role that artists’ spaces play in their work . She also links Chaimowicz ’ s installations to the reconstruction of Kurt Schwitters ’ s Merzbau , a key work of early twentieth- century art , which was reconstructed at the Sprengel Museum in Hanover . Kirsty Bell is the author of the accompanying exhibition catalog, which will also be presented . As an art critic, she regularly writes for various magazines such as frieze , Mousse Magazine and Art in America . Marc Camille Chaimowicz will be present .

In English

Included in admission price, free admission for members and students Inside the Box Vacation w orkshop for c hildren from 6 to 8 years old Wednesday , 4 October , and Thursday , 5 October 2017, 11 a . m . – 4 p . m . What is the ideal home from a child’s point of view ? Does it have a trampoline instead of a kitchen ? The artist Marc Camille Chaimowicz has recreated his own apartment in London at the Kestner Gesellschaft . Various wallpapers, bizarre furniture , and imaginative objects allow us to immerse ourselves in the artist’s world . Even small bottles with newspaper clippings stuck to them can be found in the exhibition . On two days during the autumn holidays, we will create our own ideal living spaces in miniature . Whether with painting or sculpture , glued or modele d, there is no limit to our creativity ! F ee : € 10. The number of spots is limited . Please register by e- mail by 27 September 201 7 : wobbe@kestnergesellschaft.d e

Ladies’ N ight

Thursday, 19 October 2017, 7 p.m. Exclusive tour of the current exhibition s for women, followed by a discussion with Campari drinks and snacks. Included in admission price, free admission for members

Extra An »extra« is not an artwork, but something to supplement the exhibition, an object that was important to the artist in the genesis of the work and the exhibition . It provides new and unexpected ways of understanding the exhibition and also ties into our p ublic outreach programs. Marc Camille Chaimowicz has presented us with a Campari soda bottle as his»extra.«