press release

This is a show as a result of one-year process - 10 new individual art projects produced in interspace media lab. It is not the end of the process nor the beginning of it, but a step in a longer term strategy to build a self sufficient local scene in extremely unfriendly environment of a total lack of infrastructure, market and policy in the field of contemporary art and culture in Bulgaria. This is an attempt to map a territory of intervention on a micro level. We should also stress here that there is no pre-formulated curatorial speculation, shaping the show, but rather it is result of providing just a context for art production.

Instead of describing the spectrum of issues and tendencies the works in the show present, We would like to resume the conditions under which genealogy of art production was staged in the recent years:

the artist in a scene of vacuum on micro level. affinity to self.colonisation. 0.political activism + cynical pragmatism in self.organisation. the state institutions in a never finished stage of reform,permanent confusion. criminalisation and profanisation of public space. media hybridisation, mutation + universal code compatibility.

M.A.P: case study.02 is a result of the partnership between interSpace Media Art Center and The Red House - Centre for Culture and Debate, with the kind support of The Foundation Daniel Langlois for art and technologies, Pro-Helvetia, Antenna Sofia.

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M.A.P: case study.02
New Media Art Exhibition
Sofia City Gallery, 1 Gurko St.

mit Andronia Popova, Daniela Kostova, Ivo Mudov, Ivan Nikolov, Krassimir Terziev, Nikolay Chakarov, Maria Berova, Petko Dourmana, Petar Raichev, Zornitca Sofia

Guest lecturers: Eric Kluitenberg – media theorist, De Balie, Amsterdam; Andrea Zapp, media theorist and artist, Germany/UK, Kathy Rae Huffman – curator and new media theorist.