press release

As a result of Mai Hofstad Gunnes' nine-month residency in Brussels, Belgium, WIELS Contemporary Art Centre presents the 16mm film Bike and Bolex. Echoing the artist's ongoing reflection on the construction of identity, Bike and Bolex shows a group of five women bicycling in circular paths while filming each other with Bolex cameras. According to the artist, 'the revolving movements captured by the five subjective cameras draw a molecular structure without a fixed center and convey an idea of a non-hierarchical multiple subjectivity'. An artist book will be launched alongside the exhibition. French art historian Benoît Lamy de La Chapelle has contributed with an essay that is also accompanying the project.

About the artist Through 16mm film, installation and collage, Mai Hofstad Gunnes (b.1977 in Lørenskog, Norway, lives and works in Oslo, Norway and Berlin, Germany) has developed a personal imagery based on a type of associative logic, where different layers of reality are tested against each other. Her artistic point of departure derives from an interest in concrete systems of categorisation and the translation of these into a more non-hierarchical formalist language. Her recent films, as attempts to externalise inner worlds, involve performers to focus on the embodiment and personification of architecture and science. Recent exhibitions include 'Oh how time flies', Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway (2011); 'Le choix du titre est un faux problème', Cneai de Paris, Paris, France (2011); 'Goddesses', Museum of Contemporary Art, Oslo (2010); 'Pyrrhic Fortune', Sils, Rotterdam, the Netherlands (2010) and 'A shape of love you can never imagine', Oslo Fine Art Society, Oslo (2009).

Mai Hofstad Gunnes
Bike and Bolex
Kurator: Devrim Bayar