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The international exhibition 'Looking at Others' is open in the Art Pavilion in Zagreb on February 12, featuring works of twenty contemporary artists, within the concept of the author of the exhibition, art historian Radmila Iva Jankovic

The concept throws light on issues of ethics or better said: lack of ethics in contemporary society. The works presented in the media of video, photography and installations, feature artistic approaches that reveal the interactions of artist and model i.e., object. The artists reveal, sometimes quite brutally, the darker places of the world in which we live –cultural racism, the harsh laws of the market, contemporary forms of neo-colonialism, the mediaisation of reality, as incorporated by the reality show culture, and also attempt to let us know that art can sometimes help in the surmounting of socially caused traumas through the introduction of the ethics of responsibility.

Amongst others, the exhibition includes the works of Ukraninan Boris Mikhailov and Santiago Sierra, one of the most provocative and frequently exhibited artists of today. Through the media of installation, photography and video, he problematises the relations of economics and power, and takes a critical view of the market mechanisms of reward and exploitation (he hires working people at the lowest going rates to perform pointless activities). He is engaged in criticism of the labour market, and through raising such issues in the detached context of the gallery gives them a new dimension and holds them up for public discussion. Works by Croatian artists' include those of Ivan Kožarić, one of the leading names of Croatian avant-garde art.

Exhibiting Artists:

Lovro Artukovic (Croatia), Oreet Ashery (Israel /UK), Bozena Koncic Badurina (Croatia), Maja Bajevic (Bosnia and Herzegovina / France), Stella Capes (UK), Boris Cvjetanovic (Croatia), Gudrun Vera Hjartardottir (Iceland),Maria Kheirkhah (Iran/UK), Kristina Leko (Croatia), Mayumi Nakazaki (Japan), Edita Matan (Croatia), Olivier Menanteau (France), Boris Mikhailov (Ukraine), Trine Lise Nedreaas (Norway), Nika Radic (Croatia), Ivan Kozaric (Croatia), Nicole Hewitt (Croatia/UK), Pedro Lasch (Mexico), Lala Rascic (Bosnia-Herzegovina/Croatia), Julika Rudelius (Germany), Santiago Sierra (Spain), Stjepan Sandrk (Croatia), Ksenija Turcic (Croatia)

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Looking at Others

Künstler: Lovro Artukovic, Oreet Ashery, Bozena Koncic Badurina, Maja Bajevic, Stella Capes, Boris Cvjetanovic, Gudrun Vera Hjartardottir,Maria Kheirkhah, Kristina Leko, Mayumi Nakazaki, Edita Matan, Olivier Menanteau, Boris Mikhailov, Trine Lise Nedreaas, Nika Radic, Ivan Kozaric, Nicole Hewitt, Pedro Lasch, Lala Rascic, Julika Rudelius, Santiago Sierra, Stjepan Sandrk, Ksenija Turcic

Kuratorin: Radmila Iva Jankovic