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Laguna's HIdden Treasures: Art from Private Collections presents over seventy works by over seventy artists from nearly forty collections in Laguna Beach and the vicinity. The exhibition is, in part, a celebration of the collecting strength in a city and its environs that have been supportive of the arts since the early 1900s when Laguna Beach was founded as an artist colony. Abstract, figurative, landscape, and still life works, that include painting, photography, and sculpture, will cover 100 years, ranging from the early-twentieth century to the early-twenty-first century, and will be juxtaposed in unusual and interesting ways.

For example, a subtle commentary on decades of industrialization is suggested for viewers on seeing a scene of early twentieth-century, east coast industrialization by painter Gardner Symons (1861–1930), juxtaposed with the crushed automobile parts Bloom Heinman Heinman Bloom

sculpture of John Chamberlain (b.1927), which can be found next to a sculpture of a woman with tar enveloping her body by Enrique Martinez Celaya (b.1964).

An exploration of the depiction and the role of women in society is suggested with such works by painter Mary Bradish Titcomb (1856-1927), depicting a typical impressionist setting of three women at leisure in an out door setting, put adjacent to conceptual photographer Cindy Sherman (b.1954), whose early work suggests the look of film stills or magazine spreads that explore the representation of women in the media, which are then found next to the work of painter Lisa Yuskavage (b.1962), whose images of monstrous young women with swollen stomachs and breasts can be described as simultaneously disturbing and sexy.

Major support for this exhibition comes from the William Gillespie Foundation.

Co-curated by Laguna Art Museum chief curator Tyler Stallings and curator of collections Janet Blake. Organized by Laguna Art Museum.

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Laguna's Hidden Treasures
Art from Private Collections
Kuratoren: Tyler Stallings, Janet Blake

Künstler: Nicolas Africano, John Frost, Marcelo Pombo, Peter Alexander, Selden Gile, Ken Price, Belle Baranceanu, Bernhard Gutmann, Joseph Raphael, Walter Emerson Baum, Richard Haines, Alan Rath, Tony Berlant, Armin Hansen, Granville Redmond, Franz Bischoff, Grace Hartigan, Arthur Rider, Hyman Bloom, Marsden Hartley, William Ritschel, Christian Boltanski, Tim Hawkinson, Guy Rose, George Brandriff, Anna Hills, Bud Shackelford, Rex Brandt, Clarence Hinkle, Millard Sheets, Maurice Braun, Susan Hornbeak-Ortiz, Cindy Sherman, Enrique Martinez Celaya, Yishai Judisman, Peter Shire, John Chamberlain, Barbara Kasten, Dirk Skreber, Wess Dahlberg, Edward Kienholz (Edward & Nancy Kienholz), Eugene Speicher, Frank Damiano, Joseph Kleitsch, Gardner Symons, Ronald Davis, Emil J. Kosa, Jr., Robert Therrien, Francis De Erdely, Roger Kuntz, Wayne Thiebaud, Tony Delap, Annie Leibovitz, Mary Bradish Titcomb, Jacci Den Hartog, Maurice Logan, Peter Vanden Berge, Phil Dike, Helen Lundeberg, Marton Varo, Kim Dingle, Arthur Mathews, Andy Warhol, James Doolin, Robert Morris, William Watts, Jerry Downes, Vik Muniz, William Wendt, Manny Farber, Phil Paradise, Lisa Yuskavage, John Frame, Douglass Parshall, Tom Friedman, Edgar Payne