press release

Katalin Ladik: Screaming Hole
07.12.2017 – 07.01.2018

You are kindly invited to the opening of the show on Thursday, 7th December, at 8 pm.

»…It is no coincidence that poetry marked the very beginnings of Katalin Ladik’s versatile artistic trajectory; in terms of the taxonomy of artistic fields, she might be described as a poet, visual artist, actress. Slovene philosopher Mladen Dolar underlines poetry as precisely the field in which the causality of the voice and meaning – in which the voice ought to represent the means and meaning the end – crumbles. Namely, the poetic effect relies precisely on the excess of the voice over meaning, that is, the voice whose meaning exceeds the intended meaning. Katalin Ladik radically explores this dimension of the “emancipation of the bearer” in her work, in both possible incarnations: as visual poetry, in which text in its formality prevails over meaning, and as phonic poetry, in which the voice is radically opposed to the procedure of signification.«

Curated by: Vladimir Vidmar