PAVILION Bucharest

PAVILION | Sos. Nicolae Titulescu nr. 1 (Piata Victoriei)
011131 Bucharest

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The city presents itself as a semiotic jungle, laden with logos that guide your path through the use of "soft power". No longer compelled to act according to set values, the citizen-cum-consumer is persuaded to assert its own identity by consumption. But how can logos or symbols exert such influence and most importantly, are we to accept this influence as wholly positive? In order to answer these questions and analyze the mechanisms through which corporate organizations and the prevalent phenomenon of branding shape the social imaginary, artists and researchers choose different strategies of appropriation or resistance. From Metahaven's analysis of visual identity to Freee's critique of advertising, this exhibition tries to act as a toolkit for operating in a neo-liberal environment. Far from being a visual manifestation of anti-corporate activism, the presented works fluctuate between protest and over-identification, engaging the viewer in a variety of discourses.

Kuratorin: Simina Neagu

Künstler: Freee , Center for Tactical Magic , Foundland , Metahaven , Bureau of Melodramatic Research