press release

Workshop / Performances / Exhibition

Halberstadt 2017

Oct. 3–29, 2017, Fri–Sun, 14:00–17:00; Admission free
Cage-Haus Halberstadt of the John Cage Organ Foundation
(next to the Burchardi Church)
Am Kloster 1, 38820 Halberstadt, Germany

Participating Artists:
Uwe Bressnik (AT) Angélica Castelló (MX/AT) Alvin Curran (US) Arnold Dreyblatt (US) Achim Freyer (DE) Sabine Groschup (AT) Ray Kass/Dylan Goodwin (US) Kalle Laar (DE) Roberto Paci Daló (IT) Dieter Schnebel (DE)
As well as Ursel Huelsdell & Hans-Hermann Richter, Christof Hallegger & Rainer O. Neugebauer, Laura Kuhn & Nicholas Riddle, and various public participants.

Special Exhibition: John Cage's "STEPS" in Vienna 2012
Works by Tyler Adams, Sam Ashley, Julius Deutschbauer, Franz Graf, Sabine Groschup, Ray Kass/Ian Cobb-Ozanne, Ruth Schnell/Nita Tandon, Nikola Tasic/André Wagner and dog Rhabarba/Anna Watzinger, Georg Weckwerth

Permanent Exhibition: Room for Cage, since 2015 at Cage House Halberstadt

Commissioned by the John Cage Organ Foundation Halberstadt.
In collaboration with the John Cage Trust, Edition Peters Group, the Mountain Lake Workshop, TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien

On occasion of the publication of the notation
John Cage, "STEPS, A Composition for a Painting"
announced by Nicholas Riddle, CEO of Edition Peters Group

Organizer: Harriett Watts, John Cage Organ Project Halberstadt
Head of "STEPS" Workshop: Ray Kass, The Mountain Lake Workshop
Curator #JohnCageSTEPS: Georg Weckwerth, TONSPUR Kunstverein Wien