press release

John Wood and Paul Harrison's ambitious installation features twenty-six monitors simultaneously showing twenty-six different video works distributed across Chisenhale's large space. A series of columns reaching from floor to ceiling each house a monitor, showing an individual experiment in endurance, absurdity, fear and trust.

The twenty-six works, which vary in duration from twenty seconds to three minutes, feature either Wood or Harrison performing a series of simple, deadpan gestures, using a range of objects - from doors to life jackets, chairs to platforms and boats to breeze blocks. These performative packages use the human body as a tool for exploring rhythm, synergy and spatial boundaries.

John Wood and Paul Harrison have been making collaborative video work since 1993. Their practice operates across the realms of performance, sculpture, installation and dance, and simultaneously alludes to the worlds of the comic and the cartoon. At the same time, their work essentially becomes research; their specialisation is the size, scale and movement of the body in relation to architectural environments, which the artists typically construct themselves.

Twenty-Six Drawing and Falling Things is a Picture This Moving Image exhibition presented in association with Chisenhale Gallery and Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland, where it will tour.

John Wood & Paul Harrison. Twenty-Six Drawing and Falling Things

John Wood / Paul Harrison