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'Image-making begins with interrogating appearances and making marks. Every artist discovers that drawing-when it is an urgent activity- is a two-way process. To draw is not only to measure and put down, it is also to receive' John Berger.

Into Irish Drawing showcases the work of twenty-two Irish artists who specialize in drawing.

Arno Kramer, the curator of Into Irish Drawing comments that frequently something occurs in a drawing 'by chance', an event that the artist did not know was going to happen. The artist may have nurtured a vague idea about how to start off. Or perhaps they had a clear plan, but then discovered at a certain moment that the work began to demand something from them and was beginning to move in a direction that they had not been initially expected. Into Irish Drawing displays the final results of testing and experimenting on both large and small scales.

Into Irish Drawing is supported by Culture Ireland.

Into Irish Drawing

Künstler: Stephen Brandes, Claire Carpenter, Gary Coyle, Timothy Emlyn Jones, Brian Fay, Mark Francis, David Godbold, Anita Groener, Katie Holten, Alice Maher, Niamh McCann, Eoin McHugh, Bea McMahon, Nick Miller, Tom Molloy, Isabel Nolan, Eamon O´Kane, Niamh O´Malley, Kathy Prendergast, Jim Savage, Gerda Teljeur, Martin Wedge