press release

I have invited four artists for a fall program of solo exhibitions at KLEMM’S project room 7d5e. The artists are: Helen Verhoeven, Meiro Koizumi, Amalia Pica and Maria Barnas. I have asked each artist to develop an installation, performance, or happening that will be unique to the exhibitions’ space. Each of these artists has a keen sensitivity towards site- specific considerations. Each has the tendency to transform a space so as to embody their concepts and visualize their –quite poetic– realms; they all do this in a very moving but also acutely distinctive way. The project is meant to present these artists with solo projects in Berlin, but also to create an interesting dialog with artists of such diverse practices. The installation process is, in that sense, meant to be a collaborative process.

KLEMM’S project room 7d5e Brunnenstrasse 7d (5th floor) 10119 Berlin

"If these walls could talk"
Alon Levin presents at KLEMM’S project room 7d5e

Four solo exhibitions by
Helen Verhoeven: September 10 - 25, 2010
Meiro Koizumi: Oktober 22 - November 6, 2010
Amalia Pica: November 12 - 27, 2010
Maria Barnas: Dezember 3 - 18, 2010