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IBIZA: A reading for 'The Flicker' is a solo performance by London-based artist Ian White. Friday 27 March Performance starts at 8pm (running time: 40 mins) Tanya Leighton Gallery Booking recommended

A real life true story and the image-less hallucinogens of Tony Conrad's 1966 film 'The Flicker' are presented simultaneously, like parallel lines in a face-off. IBIZA is a question about the real: an assertion of difference or a kind of hopelessness with nonetheless some good energy, a response to a specific place and a specific time, a personal history and imaginary space. Not Ibiza, but the room we're in.

This performance by Ian White is part of a series of 'screenings' entitled 'It's Not the Homosexual Who Is Perverse but the Situation in Which He Lives: Kino, Kunst, Kontext Now', in collaboration with Kino Arsenal, Berlin.

Ian White is a curator, writer and artist. As an artist his practice is predominantly in event-orientated and performance work, often in collaboration. He has made two works with Jimmy Robert, 6 things we couldn't do, but can do now (Art Now, Tate Britain 2004) and Marriage à la Mode et Cor Anglais (STUK, Leuven/De Appel, Amsterdam, 2007/8). Solo projects include The Neon Gainsborough (Cubitt/Neon Gallery, London, 2002/3) and a new commission for Tate Modern, a performative lecture entitled Black Flags. Ibiza: A reading for 'The Flicker' was first performed at The Horse Hospital, London in July 2008. Ian White is Adjunct Film Curator at the Whitechapel Gallery, London and also works on independent curatorial projects, and as the facilitator of the LUX Associate Artists Programme. He writes for numerous periodicals and is the co-editor of Kinomuseum: Towards an artists' cinema (Walther Koenig, 2008).

Ian White
IBIZA: A reading for "The Flicker"