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Hot Rock is a group show in a space converted specifically to bring together the disparate practices of seven international artists.

From the uncertain vantage point of the first decade of the 21st Century many artists who matured from the apparent security of the 1990s seek and assemble fragments of culture that will provide tools to scrutinise the world. In Hot Rock these fragments come together as raw matter and disposable consumer products provoking projections for the future and new methods for deciphering the world as it is today. Primitivism and slacker culture entwine with the slick production of mass markets while the economy of information and image are questioned in an age of rampant urbanism and civic sprawl. ROSHA YAGHMAI BRIAN JUNGEN

As cities change Dorit Margreiter's video The World May Not Be Deep But it is Definitely Shallow and Wide considers how they might be documented a hundred years from now while Robert Longo's charcoal drawings imagine bleak, apocalyptic visions borrowed from mass media. Scott Myles and Brian Jungen modify and reinterpret the cultures that surround consumption, from art markets to Nike trainers and baseball bats. Gaudy reliefs from patchworked wetsuit fragments and knowing daubs of robots and superheros become wry musing on youth and lifestyle for Rosha Yaghmai and Andreas Hofer. Monika Grzymala's spacial drawing will respond to physical parameters of gallery, affected directly by the other artworks.

This exhibition aims to invite a natural interplay between the included works, encouraging interactions that allow individual pieces to function collectively on both a cognitive and physical level.

Transmission Gallery would like to thank Gallery Guido W. Baudach, Berlin, Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver, Metro Pictures, New York and The Modern Institute, Glasgow

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Dorit Margreiter, Robert Longo, Scott Myles, Brian Jungen, Rosha Yaghmai, Andreas Hofer, Monika Grzymala