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Dennis Hopper’s Harwood exhibition Hopper Curates includes the work of five artists who by way of Los Angeles came to make Taos, New Mexico their home. These artists banded together in the early 1960’s, during a time when the number of serious artists in Los Angeles was minimal. Living in the same neighborhoods Bell, Cooper, Davis, Price and Stockwell frequented the same haunts and knew each other based on their chosen profession as artists. Dennis Hopper frequented the galleries where these artists were shown and became an important part of the energy being created in Los Angeles during that time. Hopper’s collection grew to include many early pieces from Bell, Price, Cooper and Davis. This exhibition features work from numerous private collections.

Concurrent exhibition: Hopper Photographs and Paintings

Hopper Curates
Dennis Hopper
Larry Bell, Ron Cooper, Ronald Davis, Ken Price & Robert Dean Stockwell