press release

Hiwa K. Do You Remember What You Are Burning?
December 16, 2020–July 24, 2021

Hiwa K marks his debut in Asia and the Middle East with a solo exhibition titled Do You Remember What You Are Burning? at Jameel Arts Centre highlighting more than ten years of the acclaimed artist’s bold and timely practice.

Hiwa K blends humour with personal experience to produce bodies of work that speak to contemporary experiences of displacement, belonging and resilience. Many of the works in this exhibition relate to the artist’s home city of Sulaymaniyah, in Iraqi Kurdistan, and his experiences of fleeing as a refugee and returning many years later. The exhibition brings together major works including One Room Apartment, an outdoor installation originally commissioned for Documenta 14 (2017), and a new interactive large-scale work, produced especially for this show’s debut in the UAE.

The exhibition was commissioned by Art Jameel as a three-venue collaboration with Hugh Lane Gallery, Dublin, and The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Toronto.