press release

The continuation of the free-form cycle Private View will introduce an original selection from the work of several young Berlin artists, known for their cooperation with the prominent Brno gallery owner Karel Tutsch. The exhibition focuses on their latest work with figural themes, sign stylisation and various painting approaches. Curators: Astrid Šourková, Karel Tutsch and Radek Horáček.


Heretic & CO.
Young Artist from the Berlin
Ort: House of Lords of Kunstat, Brno
Kuratoren: Astrid Sourkova, Karel Tutsch, Radek Horacek

mit Bara , Jochen Bühler, André Butzer, Björn Dahlem, Tine Furler, Andrew Gilbert, Thomas Groetz, Thilo Heinzmann, Thomas Helbig, Andreas Hofer, Marcel Hüppauf, Helena Huneke, Erwin Kneihsl, Nina Könnemann, Jiri Kovanda, Lena Launhardt, Joep van Liefland, Kalin Lindena, Jiri Naceradsky, Prager Anker (Jochen Lengenfelder, Lina Launhardt, Astrid Sourkova, Markus Selg, Jochen Bühler), Markus Selg, Jiri Sopko, Astrid Sourkova, Stefan Thater, Thomas Winkler, Ulrich Wulff ...