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Many visitors to Parker's Box will remember Caroline McCarthy's 2002 installation From the Testor's Military Range in which she presented a series of plastic detergent and product containers painted subtle shades of gray, silver and black. Without close scrutiny these objects were easily read as being slick and unusual designs of video camera, as proved by the visit we had from the police department, who asked to see our permit to sell electronics! This relationship to a potential veneer of fiction, imposed on, or even extracted directly from the world around us, is common ground to the three artists in our current exhibition. Furthermore, in the case of all three artists, the works chosen for Grounds... deal with landscapes and/or urbanscapes, and seem to actively exploit our inherent desires for fiction to mean an escape to other worlds or places.

A yearning for fairytale settings is clearest in Still, a series of photographs by Ravi Rajakumar, who has spent endless hours combing through a wide range of animated cartoons, searching for instants where no characters are present. By freezing and extracting these previously fleeting and unnoticed frames, Rajakumar thoroughly transforms them by their radical change of context. Divorced from their narrative function, these images become a far stranger evocation of curious and unreachable places than in their previous lives as mere backdrops.

Ezra Parzybok's precariously stacked constructions resemble models of cities or landscapes of ambiguous scale. His large work Temple District, is made from a variety of more or less recognizable elements including several hundred matchbooks and golf pencils, as well as innumerable small pieces of paper, glass, plastic, cardboard etc. The result fluctuates between suggestions of exotic ancient civilizations, formalist sculptures, hi-tech modern town planning projects and the kind of house of cards construction that it can be tempting to make on the kitchen table, using whatever is at hand.

Caroline McCarthy's video installation, Autumn, is an experimental project that she devised during a recent residency in France, and for this reason, the artist consciously presents it as a work in progress. The piece was realized using a camera with a special lens advancing slowly down the gutter, giving the spectator the impression of moving forward in a high-walled alleyway, cluttered with outsize vegetation and debris. The result seems to correspond strongly to the moment where the real world is becoming fiction, thanks to the artist's means of appropriation. Pressetext

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mit Caroline McCarthy, Ezra Parzybok, Ravi Rajakumar