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In 2009, the financial crisis is in its full swing and hits head-on the industrialised countries leading the wreck of big banks, causing the markets to fall and threatens the worldwide economy. Suddenly “The Capital” of Karl Marx floats up to surface, even the liberal economists rediscover it quite openly as if the people were in desperate need of a philosophical explanation to the crisis. It is in this morose climate that the artist designs the “Moneybox” exhibition. Instead of devoting the budget of the exhibition to carry out a piece, Gianni Motti suggests to spread it out in broad daylight, only the whole money allocated for the production is exhibited. The budget becomes the piece. A first version was displayed at the Centre d’art La Ferme du Buisson in Marne la Vallée in 2009, and a second version at the Migros Museum in 2012.

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Gianni Motti