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Georg Gatsas captures the protagonists of underground art and music scenes in intimate photographs. In an immediate and undisguised fashion, he creates portraits of artists and musicians, literally trying to be as near as possible to the people he depicts. Icons of the younger New York scene such as Brian DeGraw, Lizzi Bougatsos, Black Dice or the members of the now-disbanded Antipop Consortium, open their doors to Gatsas, who becomes part of their world as they pose for him in bohemian home stories. Gatsas' approach of getting extremely close to his subjects is at once startling and refreshing. Not only are his portraits disquietingly close, but his method of infiltrating networks of artists and musicians allows him the benefit of proximity in finding new subjects. Utterly unassuming in his manner, he networks effortlessly, finding recommendations for new subjects, knocking on doors and again, charming his way into new scenes. His subjects always pose willingly, opening themselves to Gatsas - a guest who asks for a lot, but does so modestly. His open and inconspicuous manner allow him to spread and grow his network of subjects, continuing to capture the most interesting and dynamic characters of contemporary art and music.

With works by Lizzi Bougatsos, Ira Cohen, Brian DeGraw, Amy Granat, Manon, Kembra Pfahler

With kind support of Kulturfoerderung Kanton St.Gallen.

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Georg Gatsas
The Process VI

mit Lizzi Bougatsos, Ira Cohen, Brian DeGraw, Amy Granat,  Manon , Kembra Pfahler