press release

Parker's Box is delighted to present "From Brooklyn with Love", an exhibition of works by twenty-three artists who found inspiration, motivation, a home, a studio (and no doubt love) in the fertile and creative climate of the borough. Through this eclectic selection of artists, Parker's Box pays homage to the creativity of Brooklyn that has nurtured, supported and encouraged the gallery since its launch exactly eight years ago. The show includes works by artists passing through and others who've been here forever, works by artists of many different origins who made Brooklyn their base, and works by artists who have become symbols of the borough's art world, and even its history...

From Brooklyn with Love

Künstler: Joe Amrhein, Mike Ballou, John Bjerklie, Matt Blackwell, Gregory Forstner, Eric Heist, Fay Ku, Nickolas Lascot, Abigail Lazkoz, Trong Nguyen, Laura Parnes, Steven Parrino, Bruce Pearson, Eileen Quinlan, Fernando Renes, Jean Shin, Joshua Stern, Cheyney Thompson, Momoyo Torimitsu, Fabien Verschaere, Susan Wanklyn, Michael Waugh, Walt Whitman