press release

Towards the end of the season, one minute before living for our summer vacation, Tal Esther Gallery is pleased to present Frigid Atmosphere; an experimental one-time occasion combining music influences. The connection between Tali Cederbaum (Tal Esther Gallery) to the music and lyrics of Frigid (Vita-Doll, Anno-Logic) gave birth to the idea of this fascinating collaboration. Frigid is doing electronic punk/cabaret, based on original surrealist texts that are using the language as notes, in an attempt to create a new form (sound) of electronics. Their artistic credo goes like this: walk on the edge and talk about all those things that people (normally) don’t like to hear. Externalize it by using extreme sound and performance, so that the audience will go through a cathartic experience that is only possible when experiencing the gutters. What does all that has to do with a gallery space? Tal Esther Gallery interest in contemporary culture is quit wide, in the sense that it does not exclude any sort of inter-disciplinary collaboration. An experiment that combines different layers of the art is, for us, an interesting way to express our curiosity from the dialog that exist, anyhow, in life. Pressetext

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Frigid Atmosphere

mit Gianfranco Azzaroccini, Nir Hod, Daniel Silver, Emanuel Faychevitz, Natalie Zwillinger, Karen Russo, Lilach Shahar, Anat Shalev