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Frieze London 2021 takes place from 13-17 October at The Regent's Park in London.

Frieze London and Frieze Masters 2021

Unworlding: A New Section by Cédric Fauq at Frieze London 2021

Artists including Nora Turato, Ndayé Kougaou and Fanny Gicquel explore ideas of apocalypse and regeneration, undoing and reconstruction

The undoing of the world as we know it – has potentially become our only way to exercise hope today, while shifting the perspective on what hope and progress mean. Through the use of fictional architectures, slow apocalypses and fictional scarcity, the artists gathered for Unworlding show us how pessimism can drive imaginative agency rather than lead to immobilism or the (re)production of the world we live in. – Cédric Fauq


Nir Altman Susi Gelb, Ndayé Kougaou
Helena Anrather Kristin Walsh
Efremidis Tony Just, Megan Marrin
Hua International Fanny Gicquel
Jhaveri Contemporary Gyan Panchal
Tanya Leighton Esteban Jefferson. Parliament Natacha Donzé
Galerie Gregor Staiger Nora Turato, Raphaela Vogel
T293 Lito Kattou
Wschod Gallery Cudelice Brazelton IV