press release

The Breeder is pleased to announce "Fresh Painting, French Painting", curated by Frédéric Bonnet.

Nicolas Chardon, Isabelle Cornaro, Bertrand Lavier, Olivier Millagou, Pascal Pinaud, Jérôme Robbe, Julien Tiberi, We Are The Painters.

Approaching painting through its sidelines, that is the essence of this exhibition. The invitation made by The Breeder Gallery to present French artists in Athens couldn’t be translated into a «French» exhibition, especially since this characterization is nowadays of little importance for a nation that is not an emerging one in the globalized world. It became thus a necessity to work on a generic idea, but instead of a narrative or theme, it felt more relevant – especially now that it is very much in fashion everywhere – to work on the notion of painting itself; especially from the French side, a country that towards the end of the 20th century had a very ambiguous even complex relation with painting. In general, from the 80s until recently, painting was considered outdated if it wasn’t reactionary. At the same time innovative movements like Supports/Surfaces, which was recently re-discovered.