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During July and August Neon will show an exhibition in three parts with film. We have never solely focused on film before and we are happy to present a program with both artists from the region as well as from the whole world.

In the silo there will be a film installation with sound by american Jim O’Rourke, mostly known as sound magician and ex. Sonic Youth member. We are showing the film Not Yet, which was O’Rourke’s debut as a film maker and was included in the Whitney Biennial in 2004.

In the gallery there will be a prorgam where four artists are being shown two weeks each. We have chosen films that we think are personal, sometimes even autobiographical, with both seriousness and humour. Japanes Kazumi Kanemaki tells about her grandmother, who first teaches her to make a kimono and then dies. Danish Tanja Schlander, usually a sound artist, found a collection of tape dairies in Copenhagen and made a film of it that refers to Goethes Werther and his sufferings. The film ”Livingroom” is a humouristic dance film; a collaboration between the dancers Miguel Azcue and Larissa Tiusainen shot by Marcus Hamrin during their meeting in the Summer Lab workshop held at Dansstationen and neon last year. The last film is an entirely new piece made for the exhibition by Malmö based artist Michael Johansson, that will consist of many small films with the film refering title “Short Cuts”.

In the gallery there will also be a temporary archive that consist of films being sent in after a call for films. During the period of the exhibition people can continue to send in or brign their films. The audience can sit down to choose what films to see from the archive.

Jim O’Rourke Not Yet 2003 1.7-27.8 in the silo The film Not Yet by Jim O’Rourke, is the first finished and screened film by this musician. It was first shown at the Whitney Biennial in New York in 2004, and later at the Rotterdam Film Festival. In the film he uses a scene from Brian DePalma’s film Blow Out. The camera revolves around a sound technician (played by John Travolta) who enters his studio and discovers that all his magnetic tapes have been erased. The physical effect of this disorienting scene is enhanced by double printing and an eerie, floating soundtrack. O’Rourke has written “In 2003 I discovered a box of tapes I had thought I had erased, and had long forgot about. The tapes were all from between 1986–1991... The box also contained what would become the music for the film Not Yet.” Jim O'Rourke (born 1969) grew up in Chicago, USA and has worked in music since the mid 80's; playing, composing and producing. He has worked with a numerous people ranging from improvised music to rock including Wilco, Stereolab, John Fahey, Tony Conrad, Derek Bailey, Ikue Mori and Faust. He’s released solo records on Drag City and been part of the bands Sonic Youth, Loose Fur, The Red Crayola, Fennoberg and Gastr del Sol. In 2005 he won a Grammy for his production of Wilco's “A Ghost is Born”. In recent year he’s turned more towards film, which he’s always been a great fan of, scoring for Olivier Assayass, Shinji Aoyama, and Werner Herzog recent “Grizzly Man”. O’Rourke is now residing in Japan where he among other things is making his own art films and installations which has been included in both this years Whitney Biennial in New York as well as in 2004, when the film “Not Yet” was shown.

Kazumi Kanemaki A person with a videocamera+Suicide (2000) 1.7-16.7 The two films by Japanese video artist Kazumi Kanemaki Suicide and A person with a videocamera are very personal and close documentaries where Kanemaki deals with the curiosity and anguish of filming the people close to her. In the first film, she escapes the modern city life of Tokyo, to go visit her grand mother so that she can learn her more about traditions, and most of all to make a kimono. The next film starts with the phone call giving her notice of her grandmothers death. These two films come off as very simple, but yet intriguing in it’s theme. There might be an exotic appeal for a westerner in the Japanese traditions, but the story teller is a young world citizen and the stories becomes most of all deeply engaging and human. Kazumi Kanemaki (born 1972) grew up in Niigata, Japan. She studied videoart at the College of Santa fe in New Mexico from 1994-1996. She has worked as an intern at the Indian documentary production in New Delhi, Miditech Films, but are since 1997 residing in Tokyo where she is working as a video artist. Her films has been shown at festivals and exhibitions throughout Asia and Europe and she was awarded “Der Preis der Veranstaltung” at the Bochum Film and Video Festival in Germany.

Tanja Schlander The Sorrows of Young Werther 2000 Den Unge Werthers Lidelser 2000 (2005) 18.7-30.7 This piece is a comment on the history and the general gender, which happens to be male. The Sorrows of Young Werther 2000 is a responsum to the way we are taught to live our lives and look upon our self. Tanja usually work on classical literature. It amuses her to play with the role of the universal being. Often - almost always - described as and by male authors of painting, writing, philosophy and other positions of self-definitions. This time the work is based on the main novel of romanticism written by Johann Wolfgang Goethe in 1774. “Last year I bought a box full of cassettes at a second-hand dealer in the Northwest of Copenhagen.He sold them to me real cheap be course, as he said, no one uses audiotapes any more”. After a content analysis I realizes that the tapes is full of diary notes and live-action quotes from a young woman’s life recorded in a period of years from 2000 till 2003. Her passionate being stimulated me into transcribe the full content of the box and here by I venture my self to publish a montage of fragments from these tapes in the present piece “The Sorrow of Young Werther 2000” This young woman undergoes such an universal and impossible love story that I spotted a identical to the ardent passions of the Goethean character also called, Werther, who as well, in total distance, worships the state of being in love. I find it notable that the much-courted man never is to be found on any of these tapes. The names are censored be course of respect. “ Schlander, Århus 2005 ”I have carefully collected whatever I have been able to learn of the story of poor Werther, and here present it to you, knowing that you will thank me for it. To his spirit and character you cannot refuse your admiration and love: to his fate you will not deny your tears. And thou, good soul, who suffers the same distress as he endured once, draw comfort from his sorrows; and let this little book be thy friend, if, owing to fortune or through thine own fault, thou canst not find a dearer companion..” Goethe, Leipzig 1774 Tanja Schlander (born 1974) is a sound artist, performer and radiomaker who lives and works in Århus and Copenhagen, Denmark. She has made sound collages for the Danish Radio and pirate radio tours around Europe. She has performed at several underground art evens in Copenhagen, Amsterdam and Berlin as TJ (tape jockey). In 2003 she founded the performer duo TWINS and Die Geilen Putzen who has performed at larger international events such as the Dada festwoche in Zürich and Salzburgfestspiele. She curated a prt of the international sound art festival at overgaden in Copenhagen in 2004 and established the same year the female noise duo SweetNoise. She took part in the Istanbul biennial in 2005 and has since been am exchange student at the Art Academy Bezalel's Masterprogram in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Miguel Azcue, Marcus Hamrin & Larissa Tiusainen Livingroom (2005) 1.8-13.8 The film Livingroom consist of a number of small films, or rooms, where the participants; the two dancers Miguel Azcue and Larissa Tiusainen, are simple trying to move around and act normal. Although it’s pretty onviouse that something isn’t right. By using a simple technique of turning the room 90 degrees, and by that making the floor the wall, they have created an amazing dance piece full of humour! This film was made during the Summer Lab workshop that was held at Dansstationen and Neon last year, where different musicians and dancer/choreographers met to try out ideas and exchange experiences. Miguel Azcue (born 1967) grew up in Cuba where his dance education started at Escuela nacional de Danza and later on at the University of Utah in the US. He has worked as a dancer in various professional companies around the world; Retazos Dance Company/Cuba, National Company/Ecuador, Ririewoodbury Dance Company/USA, Carte Blanche/Norway and Philippe Blanchard/Sweden. Miguel’s choreographic work has been performed in North and South America, Europe and Australia. He has toured frequently during the year with his own dance company Memory Wax and his latest piece “Desert”, for which he has won several prizes. Marcus Hamrin is a Stockholm based musician that both is a drummer for hard rock badn Kaptain Sun, but also makes much quieter solo music, sometimes for dance performances. He runs his own company that works with graphic design, moving images and music. Larissa Tiusainen (born 1975) works as a performer, choreographer and writer. Based in Oslo, she currently explores use of non-theatrical performance spaces from galleries to demolition sites.

Michael Johansson Short Cuts (2006) 15.8-27.8 Michael Johansson is creating an entirely new video work for this exhibition, with the film refering name Short Cuts. The piece consists of a number of short sequencies that together depicts a world that through deviations, or rather the lack of it, differs a bit from what we are used to. Michael Johansson (born 1975) lives and works in Malmö. He is educated at several art schools, Trondheim, Berlin and Stockholm, but took hisn MFA in Malmö last year. He has worked a lot with photography and film, but has recently started to take an interest in object based art, most of all around the theme copy and repetition. Among earlier video works there is ”10 a.m.” and ”That’s Low” (a collaboration with Johan Jonason), that has been shown at several festivals and exhibitions, among them Monkeytown in New York last fall. This year he has taken part in the Marabou park’s P.A.N.K scholarship in Sundbyberg, a residency for just graduated art students focusing on public art, and he won one of the city of Malmö’s culture grants. His work is currently also on display in the exhibition Scandinavian Spastic in Oslo, Norway.

Films by the following artists will be part of the exhibitions temporary archive where the audience can pick what to see. Phill Niblock, Lisa Manner, Luigi Archetti & Bo Wiget, Marcin Gajewski, Philippe Hernandez, Eva Olsson, Iris Piers, Jonas Nilsson, Derek Nisbet & Lisa Torun, Tomas Melinder & Andy Lewis, Leah Singer & Lee Ranaldo, Jan Van Den Dobbelsteen, Arturas Bumsteinas & Laura Garbstiene, Sami Sänpäkkilä, Vanja Billström, Yoann Trellu, Fabrice Janssens, Michael Nilsson, Kristian Carlsson, Mikael Blomqvist, Bring Out The Garbage, Bjørg Taranger, Ylva Floreman, Nikolai Schetnev, Mikhail Zheleznikov, Åsa Maria Bengtsson and many more.


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mit Jim O´Rourke, Kazumi Kanemaki, Tanja Schlander, Michael Johansson,
Miguel Azcue, Marcus Hamrin & Larissa Tiusainen