press release

The SWISS INSTITUTE – CONTEMPORARY ART (S I) is pleased to present INTERFACE IN YOUR FACE by Fia Backström. During the period of time when the gallery would usually be closed, the S I’s lounge space will be occupied by Backström’s project. Stations for viewing digital media will be built in the S I lounge for visitors to interface with computer-based works by seven contemporary artists. The constructed form of stations will act as mediator in the viewing of the works inserted within the structure.

Inserted works will include screen savers using images by Craig Kalpakjian and Richard Phillips, a lounge interface by Mika Tajima, a video using transitional efffects over images lifted from the internet by Seth Price, a search engine by Cory Arcangel, a site checking the location of the user is located by Fredrik Holmqvist, an eternal computer crash and an eternaly processing computer by Fia Backström

INTERFACE IN YOUR FACE …is the title of stations for showing digital work. The stations address the idea of interface: accessing and viewing digitally based works, as well as the interface of the works themselves. A sculpture/show in one.

An interface attempts to determine, or at best guide, our use of ‘the world’, how we are enabled, allowed, or made to use it. The logic of digital interfaces for the internet/cell phones/microwaves are ‘designed’, naturalized and delivered to the user. An interface is also the point where person-to-person fantasies of reality intersect.

Not a sanctioned, orderly or protected viewing situation, but one of constant visual disturbances cracking the fictive space, such as other viewers crossing your field of vision, looking back at you, glares and reflections preventing a ground/foreground hierarchy. A gaze closer to that of the every-day life screen/computer user. -Fia Backström



Inserted works: Craig Kalpakjian, Richard Phillips, Mika Tajima, Seth Price, Cory Arcangel, Fredrik Holmqvist