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The ICA presents Expat-Art Centre (EA C): a nomadic exhibition specifically conceived to occupy the typically transitory time and space between two exhibitions, when a gallery or an art centre is normally closed. EA C features a series of context-specific artworks by Brian Eno; Pierre Huyghe (represented France at the 2001 Venice Biennalle); Ben Kinmont (exhibited in Documenta XI, Kassel); Claude Lévêque (permanent installation at PS1, New York); Didier Marcel; Olivier Mosset; Shimabuku (Utopia Station, 2003 Venice Biennale); Dan Walsh and Ian Wilson. Curated by Mathieu Copeland, EA C operates as an exponential curatorial model that is both self-contained and self-generative, adapting from one venue to the next: it is an exhibition that simultaneously exists in all places, at all times, with all people and yet without specific dates, spaces or locations. Encompassing elements of painting, sculpture, installation and human intervention, EA C will be integrated throughout various locations within the ICA. Amongst others, new works will include a continuous sound work by Brian Eno, Elise Van Elise, an installation incorporating sound and light by Claude Lévêque, This isn't it an intervention by Ben Kinmont, and a work by Shimabuku which echoes the trajectory of the moon in relation to that of the exhibition. Beginning at the ICA, EA C will subsequently travel to Museum of Contemporary Art, Lyon, France; Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnuis, Lithuania; Krakow and Lodz, Poland; and beyond. Pressetext

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Expat-Art Centre
'An exhibition that is when the art centre is not'
Arbeiten von Brian Eno, Pierre Huyghe, Ben Kinmont, Claude Lévêque, Didier Marcel, Olivier Mosset, Shimabuku , Dan Walsh and Ian Wilson.
Kurator: Mathieu Copeland