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The exhibition ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now is a digital journey in to works by a group of artists who enjoy international recognition. In the crossover between art and technology their works reflect upon the increasing influence on the picture of the world that the media technology has today.

Common to the works represented at ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now is that they use digital technologies and the exhibition presents interactive installations, projections, works of light and sound and internet based art.

Representing a high value of experience ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now challenge a traditional conception of both viewer and work. Some of the works register the guests present and change character according to the conduct of the guests.

ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now visualizes the capacities of the computer and the internet which modify our perception of categories as time, space, body and relations. The exhibition focuses on how the new technologies affect our lives, experiences and our perceptions of the world.

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ENTER ACTION - Digital Art Now
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Ben Rubin / Mark Hansen, Marnix de Nijs ...