press release

The literary genre of the picaresque novel developed in the 16th century. Its main protagonist is the prankster or rogue (Spanish: pícaro, German: Schelm), a simple yet shrewd anti-hero of low social class. But instead of the usually male protagonist of such novels, this exhibition asks what conventions would be singled out if the main character happened to be a female (anti-) hero.

Based on the literary format of the picaresque novel, the group show brings together works that explore shifts in perspective and put new emphases on female role ascriptions and spaces of action. While society offers specific role patterns, the female rogue chooses instead absurd paths, inappropriate gestures and strategies of mockery and impudence. The participting artists therefore humorously question social stereotypes and normative understandings of female identity.

The exhibition is curated by Fanny Gonella and Stephanie Seidel.