Benaki Museum, Athens

1 Koumpari St. & Vasilissis Sofias Ave.
GR-106 74 Athens

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Edy Ferguson's presentation at the Benaki Museum is a collective and comprehensive installation that articulates different areas of energy of Ferguson's oeuvre. The exhibition presents a multi-layered view of her work in various techniques—drawing, installation, performance, video, and painting—in a single and articulated Gesamkunstwerk.

The curatorial criterion for this show lies in the belief that Ferguson has anticipated a number of issues that are at the core of the current artistic debate. The scope of her skills, her freedom to employ a wide array of media, as well as her stance towards performance make for a body of work that is challenging, creative, all-inclusive, and engaging. Rather than the contemplation of individual works, this show proposes to feature the artist's vision in its full complexity, with all its stratifications, emotional sensitivity, and infectious energy.

Through allusions to "high" and to "low" culture—often resorting to icons from cinema or the world of rock music—Ferguson poses pertinent and poignant questions on the role of emotions in artistic creations, on the freeing power of images and music, and on the coexistence of multiple and contradictory points of view in our experience of reality.

Works on exhibition include performance drawings; seminal music, video, and sculpture installations from the 1990s; a wall with over 60 works on paper and photographs; and a selection of paintings from the last decade.

A catalogue with texts by Cathy Lebowitz and the curator, Paolo Colombo, accompanies the exhibition.

Edy Ferguson was born in the United States. She lives and works in Athens, New York, and London.

Edy Ferguson
Selected Works 1993–Present
Kurator: Paolo Colombo
Ort: Benaki Museum, 138 Pireos Street