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Domino Effect chose to reverse the principle of causality by leading the return of the effects back to its cause. It puts forward the idea of collage through an endless play of action/interaction between the sensitive formal imbrications and a reading mode that compromises standard logic.

The image is at the centre of this exhibition: the online, digital, duplicated, multiplied, cut, infinitely modifiable image. As many images as there are realisation protocols.

The interfaces are familiar within our contemporary experience: advertising, marketing, internet, industry, cinema, banking system.

The input devices such as the keyboard, mouse, camera, microphone, or scanner are used to provide information to the machine.

The output devices such as the display, LEDs, speakers, or printer allow the machine to respond and show information. The devices are large and the arrangements are manifold.

Domino Effect questions proliferation and tries to establish new links between the strategies of mass media and the glossy surfaces of products, an investigation that positions itself between reality and hyper-reality.

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Domino Effect
Carte blanche to Marie de Gaulejac

Künstler: Florian Auer,Leo Gabin, Yngve Holen, Renaud Jerez, Ilja Karilampi, Sean Raspet, John Sparagana